Getting your car ready to race

The following is a brief summary of the changes you will need to make to meet our race car specifications:

  • A full 6 point FIA approved roll cage (provided and fitted by an approved supplier)
  • Fully plumbed fire extinguisher system
  • Single FIA approved (in date) race seat (2 seats are allowed to increase weight if required)
  • Full 5 or 6 point FIA approved race harness (in date)
  • Fully adjustable front and rear suspension (usually Meister or Gaz)
  • Race spec wheels (usually Team Dynamic or Rota)
  • No modifications to discs or calipers is permitted. Brake pads are free
  • Control tyres only. Offered at discount through the club

MaX5 Offer a full Service & Support Package to help new and experienced drivers with preparing their cars.

We can even help new and returning drivers attain their ARDS Licence.

If you have ‘any’ MX5, you can probably race it with us!

Here are the different classes that we run:

Class A

Class A – Mk4 2.0 MX5 (184bhp max)

  • A brand new fully prepared Mk4 race car can be purchased for around £24,000
  • A second hand Mk4 can be found for around £14,000. A race prepared car from around £18,000
  • Arrive and drive race package for a Mk4 starts at £1500

Class B

Class B – Mk3 2.0 MX5 (153bhp max)

  • A good solid car can be found from around £4,000. A race prepared car from £8,000
  • Arrive and drive for a Mk3 race car from £1000 per race weekend
  • Mk3 cars from other race series are welcome with a slight weight penalty and little or no other changes if you meet your current racing regulations (e.g. BRSCC Super Cup) – contact us for more information

Class C

Class C – Mk1 1.6 MX5 (107bhp max)

  • A solid car can be bought for less than £1,000.
  • A fully race prepared car will cost from £4,000. Buying a fully prepared car could save you money over the cost of preparing your own.
  • Arrive and drive Mk1 race cars available for around £750 per race day/weekend

Class M

The Modified Class – allows Mk1 1.8 cars.

NEW for 2019 – We also now welcome Mk2 Mx5’s!

Currently no Mazda only racing championship in the country allows a Mk1 1.8 or a Mk2 to race competitively.

We really are the only championship that welcomes all types of MX5.

Contact us to discuss what you need to do to meet regulations.

New for 2019! Invitation Class

New to the 2019 season are our Invitation classes welcoming Mk1 and Mk3 race cars from other championships who currently meet their own regulations.

This means cars from the following championships will be able to race with MaX5 without little or no modifications.

Full details will be added to this page in January 2019.

Invitation Championships include:

  • 750 Motor Club 5 Club
  • BRSCC Mazda MX5 Championship
  • BRSCC Mazda MX5 Supercup
  • BRSCC Mazda MX5 Super Series